about us

red. the color of passion, power and determination.

For a business to succeed, it will take a lot of passion.  You have the power to reach your customers through a number of different avenues.  We understand that marketing can be a task that is tough for any small business to take on.  While many know the basics, the truth is, only a fraction of the marketing possibilities are tapped my a majority of the small businesses that are open today.  Through determination and a little help, you can utilize all the avenues possible.  And this will allow you to reach as many potential customers as possible.


rhino. the animal of stability, confidence and steadiness.

The reason most business owners give up on marketing their business, is because they have no stability in their efforts.  Marketing is a long term action.  It takes time to see the results you want.  Plant the seed and be confident enough in your business that it will work out in the longterm.  Experts say that it can take up to twenty times for someone to buy or act on a certain product or service.  This means that your marketing has to have a steadiness and cohesiveness to it, so that your potential customers recognize your product or service.


Red rhino marketing. the company that brings it all together.

Here at Red Rhino Marketing, we help give additional power to your passion.  We are determined to bring you ROI's that you could previously only dream of and reach customers you never even dreamt of.  We are confident that we can bring steadiness and stability to your marketing.


why? the age old question.

  1. Do you want more sales?
  2. Are you finding yourself with unfinished marketing projects?
  3. Have you ever realized at the last second, that you didn't put in the marketing needed to make a sale, event, or time sensitive service successful?
  4. Are you on a budget?


yes? that is what we think you answered to all the questions.

  1. Every business owner alive wants more sales.  If not, they are lacking confidence, passion and determination.
  2. Unless you are the only one that has never had to multi-task in your business, this is an easy yes.  We aren't going to help you clean off your messy desks (ours are messy too), but we can help streamline your marketing so it never goes unattended.  The best part?  You get to concentrate on what your company offers.  Better products or services, coupled with better marketing, equals a lot of success.
  3. It happens all the time.  You have a sale or event scheduled for six months from now.  Next thing you know five months has passed and you realize that you haven't put in the marketing efforts needed to make it a success.  As long as we know what you are planning, we will put together a campaign that will not be forgotten.  Not by you.  Not by the customer.
  4. Don't let being on a budget scare you away from contacting us.  The whole idea behind marketing is that you get a solid return on your investment (ROI).  Doing a little, is better than doing nothing at all.